Marietta Water & Sewer Administrative Office

Water and Sewer Rates, Charges & Fees

The Safety-Service Director, City of Marietta, Ohio as empowered by the Ohio Revised Code, Section 743.04, hereby establishes water rates as exhibited below. Ordinance No. 129 (92-93) provides sewer is to be charged based on water consumption or metered sewage. Consumption is computed in 100 cubic foot increments; all readings over 50 cubic feet are rounded up to the next 100 cubic foot unit.

Minimum charge for service:

1 to 30 days 31 days to bimonthly
200 cubic feet 500 cubic feet
Water $9.45 Water $18.90
Sewer $22.26 Sewer $30.61

Rates for consumption to be charged in bimonthly billings for Water, Inside City limits:

Cubic Feet Total Water
0-3,333 3,333 $3.78/100 cu.ft
Next-13,333 16,666 $3.15/100 cu.ft.
Next-20,000 36,666 $2.81/100 cu.ft.
Next-50,000 86,666 $2.49/100 cu.ft.
Over-86,666 +86,666 $1.93/100 cu.ft.

An additional 50% will be added to the water rates charged above to customers outside the corporation limits. (Ordinance No. 88, 72-73)

Cubic Feet Total Water
0-3,333 3,333 $5.68/100
Next-13,333 16,666 $4.74/100
Next-20,000 36,666 $4.23/100
Next-50,000 86,666 $3.74/100 .
Over-86,666 ------- $2.91/100 .

All Wastewater Customers:

$3.34 per 100 cubic foot of usage plus $13.91 administrative charge.

A non-industrial sewer only user customer will be charged 2,000 cubic feet bimonthly per single-family dwelling.

Industrial Rate is based on 200 cubic feet of water usage per month per employee.

Five-eighths (5/8) residential meters will be installed at no additional cost to the consumer. The City of Marietta will install one (1) inch and larger water meters. All meters must meet the specifications of the City of Marietta and shall be the property of the City of Marietta. The cost of the meter must be paid in full before installation occurs.