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Reporting Broken Street Lights

Street Light Doesn't Work?

The City of Marietta has two different types of street lighting, some that are city owned and some that are owned by AEP. The City owned street lights are historic light poles and will be marked with orange numbers at the base of the green pole (below is an example)

The street lights that are owned by AEP can either be historic light poles or regular light poles. These are marked with a metal plate that contains X,Y coordinates. (below is an example)

Here is the information that we will need if you have a light outage:

  • Approximate street address of the street light.
  • The information that is on the street light (either the orange numbers on the base of the pole or the coordinates that are on the metal plate)

Please call the Mayor's office at 373-1387 to report a street light outage.


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