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Settlers Bank Adult Exercise ParkSPSettlers

Welcome to Marietta’s newest park system attraction – the Settlers Bank Adult Exercise Park!

Senior/Adult playgrounds are growing rapidly in the U.S. This is a great addition in Marietta to alleviate some of the problems of both physical and mental wellness in a fun outdoor environment. 

The Settlers Bank Adult Park consists of nine steel outdoor pieces of non-adjustable equipment each containing signage instructions for use and muscles addressed.  In addition, the machines have multiple stations and can accommodate up to 19 users simultaneously.  Four stations offer wheelchair accessibility, and all vary in resistance to accommodate a variety of people with different abilities.

The park is located in the green space in the 500 block of Front Street so that residents can also enjoy the bike trail, river view, shade trees, and parking near the Washington Street Bridge. 

Efforts have been made to beautify the area with benches, picnic tables, flowers, river bank maintenance, and newly planted trees – all donated by organizations or individuals. 

You can feel comfortable using the new park as we have added lighting and signage to ensure proper usage. Marietta College also performs monthly maintenance to make certain that the equipment is in safe, working order. 

This 3P (Public, Private Partneship) would not have been possible without donations from the following:

Settlers Bank
Peoples Bank
Marietta Memorial Hospital
Shelly & Sands
Dr. Bradley & Stephanie Carman
Francis Bishop
Judge Randall Burnworth & Rebecca Johnson
Marietta Noons Lion Club
Lowe's Heroes
Bridgeport Equipment
Marietta in Bloom - Donis Yoder, Dr. Russell & Tammy Schreiber
Greenleaf Landscaping
Cindy Oxender
Carl Carpenter
Don & Jan Rary
Dr. Austin Rehl, MCF
Dr. & Mrs. Tom Bartsokas
United Rental
Marietta College
Black Tree Service
Huck’s Greenhouse
Apex True Value
Your Way Landscaping
Crescent McConnell
Jim Amrine
Thompson's Landscaping
Marietta Community Federation
Smith Concrete
Washington County Veteran Services Commission
Rev. & Mrs. Craig Butler
Discount Signs & Awnings
Eye Care Associates
Ms. Elizabeth A. Fordyce, PhD
Franklin Fire & Signs
Mr. Joey Hammond
Marietta Chamber of Commerce
Marietta Washington County CVB
Muskingum Garden Club
Marty's Print Shop
Mr. & Mrs. John Paugstat & Family
Sewah Studios
Sherwin Williams
Valley Gem
Washington County Health Dept.
Mr. Jim & Pat Waybright
Mayor Joe Matthews / City of Marietta Administration
Marietta City Council
& Jane Jones, Concept Originator and Guru

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Gold Star Park Facility Rental Information

Gold Star Park Facility Rental Information
801 Lancaster St.
Marietta, Ohio 45750

Plan to hold your next meeting, party, reception or other activity at the Gold Star Park Facility. Facility reservation requests may be made in person or via phone. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.

General information and associated fees are listed below. For additional information or to check availability, please contact Susan Joyce at 740-373-1616

  • Facility will seat 60 people comfortably
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No smoking
  • No Loud music

Fee Schedule:
$30 per hour plus a $30 custodial charge.


Lookout Park


Fishing Derby

Every June the City of Marietta along with Peoples Bank & the Division of Wildlife hold a fishing derby for children 16 years of age & under at our Buckeye Park. Plenty of food, fun & prizes. Just bring your fishing pole, bait & a comfortable chair.

Contests Include: Biggest Fish & Tagged Fish (Special Prize)

Call 376-7133 or 373-1616 for more information.


Fishing Derby Fishing Derby
Fishing Derby Fishing Derby
Fishing Derby Fishing Derby
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Fishing Derby Fishing Derby
Fishing Derby fd11 7
Fishing Derby Fishing Derby

Buckeye Park Facility Rental Information

Buckeye Park Shelter
Ingleside Ave.
Marietta, Ohio 45750

Plan to hold your next reunion, party or just a picnic at the Buckeye Park Shelter. The Buckeye Park offers a playground and a pond for fishing, (no license is needed for children).

Shelter reservation requests may be made in person or via phone. For additional information or to check availability, please contact Susan Joyce at 740-373-1616

Fee Schedule:
$25.00 for 3 hours
$45.00 for 6 hours


Buckeye Lake Buckeye Lake Shelter

Outdoor Youth Day

The Outdoor Youth Day offer the area youth ages 6 to 15 the chance to get outdoors and practice archery, fishing and learn about wildlife ID, our feathered friends and our slimy creatures.

This event is free with the help of our sponsors : Civitan Club, Ohio Division of Wildlife, Washington County Soil & Water Conservation, Birdwatchers Digest and Mike Austyn.

There are prizes and a free lunch is served.

Come check this great day outdoors held in August.

Any questions please contact: Susan Joyce 373-1616


oyd24 Outdoor Youth Day Outdoor Youth Day
Outdoor Youth Day Outdoor Youth Day  
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