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Marietta Residential Rental Registry

The City of Marietta, Ohio has established a “Residential Rental Housing Property Registry” which is applicable to all residential rental properties within the City of Marietta.  This registry was established by Ordinance No. 244 (16-17) passed April 20, 2017 and became effective on May 20, 2017 creating Chapter 1341 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Marietta, and then revised by Ordinance No. 286 (16-17) passed July 6, 2017.

The registry requires every owner of residential rental property to register every residential rental dwelling within the city, with the City of Marietta, Ohio on a form provided by the city.  Please provide all the necessary information as requested on the registration form (copy linked at bottom of the page).

The residential rental housing property registry was established in order to provide the City Code Enforcement Official with contact information for owners of residential rental properties.  The information will be used in the event that a property nuisance complaint is filed on a residential rental property, such as high grass/weeds, trash, housing structure issues, etc.  The contact information provided will enable the Code Enforcement Official to identify and make contact with the owner to first seek cooperation and compliance in abatement of the nuisance complaint.   If cooperation and abatement of the nuisance problem is not provided, the City will then use the information provided to issue a “Notice of Violation”.

It is always the City’s intent to cooperate and work with property owners in an amicable manner to achieve compliance with city ordinances in a property nuisance complaint matter.  The registry was established to assist in that effort.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Code Enforcement Office at (740) 373-9354 ext. 2.

Thank you for your cooperation in providing the necessary requested registry information!

Code Enforcement Official
City of Marietta, Ohio


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