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   123.01  DUTIES.
   (a)   Performance of Duties.  It shall be the duty of the Clerk of Council to perform the duties set forth in the Ohio Revised Code for the clerk of a legislative authority, the duties set forth in this section and such other duties as may from time to time be required by order of Council.  
(Ord. 127(88-89).  Passed 11-3-88.)
   (b)   Job Description.  The Clerk of Council shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Council.  The immediate supervisor of the Clerk of Council shall be the President of Council, subject to the direction of Council.  The Clerk of Council shall also be subject to all other ordinances and other rules and regulations governing employees of the City.
(1)   The Clerk of Council shall perform the duties of the position on a full-time, forty-hour per week basis, during such hours as the President of Council may establish, subject to the direction of Council.  The Clerk of Council shall attend all meetings of Council and its Committees, notifying the President of Council or President pro tem in the event of illness or other circumstances preventing such attendance or other fulfillment of the Clerk’s duties.
(2)   The Clerk of Council shall maintain the official records of Council, including, but not limited to, a correct and accurate journal of the proceedings of Council and its Committees, a correct and accurate record of all ordinances and resolutions considered by Council, together with a record of their publication where required by law, a record of all notices published on behalf of Council, and a record of all correspondence on behalf of Council.
(3)   The Clerk of Council shall be guided in the performance of the foregoing duties by the outline more fully set forth in subsection (c) hereof, which outline is general in nature and not comprehensive.
(Ord. 289 (00-01).  Passed 8-16-01.)
   (c)   Outline of Duties.
(1)   Daily office routine.
Open and close office.
Pick up and distribute mail after time stamping it.
Answer telephone and log calls.
Respond to inquires from public and Municipal officers.
Research ordinances and resolutions as requested.
Post notices of meetings.
Notify Council members and media of meetings when appropriate.
Do filing.
Purchase supplies and pay bills as needed.
Attend Committee meetings, and prepare minutes thereof in typed form, and forward requests for the preparation of legislation to the Law
Post hours worked.
(2)   Council meetings routine.
A.   Pre-meeting.
Obtain agenda, copy and distribute it.
Obtain legislation, copy and distribute it as follows:
            1.   Eight copies to Council and President.
            2.   Five copies to media.
            3.   Five copies to administration.
Prepare outline of minutes for use at meetings.
Prepare communications for sixth order of business, distributing copies of Council.
Distribute new legislation to the proper committee chairman for signature.
Place copies of legislation and minutes of last meeting on President of Council’s desk.
B.   Meeting.
Call the roll.
Read notice of meeting, if appropriate.
Announce public hearings to be held, if appropriate.
Record names, address and substance of comments of those persons addressing Council.
Read legislation as required.
Take minutes.
Store folders and documents used during meeting.
Lock up safe and office.
C.   Post meeting.
Present passed legislation to President of Council and Mayor for signature.
Date and authenticate passed legislation.
Certify passed legislation, if appropriate.
Distribute copies of passed and signed legislation to Mayor,    Director of Public Safety and Service, Auditor, Director of    Development and other department heads as appropriate from    the content of the legislation.
As appropriate distribute certified copies of passed legislation to  appropriate recipient.
Record committee meetings on calendars.
Maintain a record of passed legislation requiring publication, attach notice of publication to original legislation when received from Mayor’s Clerk.
Record passed legislation amending the Codified Ordinances in the Codified Ordinances Volume.
Record passed legislation in register of ordinances and resolutions.
Type minutes in minute book and distribute copies to President of    Council and Council members.
(3)   Miscellaneous duties.
Prepare annual budget for Council.
Serve on Cemetery Endowment Board and act as its secretary, recording    minutes of meetings.
Maintain records of certificates of deposit.
Perform such other duties as are required.
(Ord. 226(96-97).  Passed 6-19-97.)
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