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jon sailer 0jQW7CU Ftc unsplashCity of Marietta leaf pickup will commence on Monday, November 6th starting at Front and Putnam Streets (even numbered addresses). Please abide by the “NO PARKING SIGNS”. If possible please rake or blow the leaves to the curb and NOT IN THE STREET. Weather permitting the project should be completed by December 22nd. Please watch the city website for the locations of the crews as we plan to keep you updated at least every other week. Good weather and cooperation from the public is huge for a successful season.

With the overnight and rainy conditions today the leaf schedule for Friday 12/1/23 will be moved to Monday 12/4/23. More updates to come on Monday afternoon.

Leaf schedule Friday 12/1/23

Harmar Hill

Areas to include:

Coventry Rd

Dye Circle

Riverview Dr.


Victory Place

Sharon St

Vernon St.

Pearl St.

High St







Kingman Rd.

Lancaster St.



These street could possibly be completed by the end of the day on Friday weather permitting. If not the crew will start on Monday where they finished the day Friday.

Please watch for the no parking signs as crews get closer to your residence. Remember to rake leaves to the curb, but not into the actual street.
This is a long, weather dependent process, and they are making great progress! Thank you! #MyMarietta #leafcleanup
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