Immobilization & Tow Information

A vehicle may be impounded for improper registration or license plates and outstanding parking violations. The fees for the Tow Companies are set by law and not by the Parking Bureau. Tow fees must be paid to the Company that Towed/Impounded your vehicle. You must contact the Tow Company to find out the exact amount due and the location of your vehicle.

The Parking Enforcement Officer will utilize a “Boot”, which is an immobilization device that attaches to a vehicle’s tire, if you have accumulated unpaid judgments.

Booting or towing (impounding) a vehicle is one of the strongest and most serious enforcement tools used by the Parking Bureau. If your vehicle has been Booted and/or impounded for outstanding violations it means you have failed to respond to tickets, late notices, and /or default judgments.

Boots may remain on vehicles a maximum of 10 days. After 10 days the vehicle will then be towed to an impound yard. Do not attempt to remove the boot on your own or you may face criminal charges.

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