How to Retrieve Your Vehicle

Releasing a Booted Vehicle MUST be done before 3pm Monday-Friday and payments must be made in cash, certified bank check, or money order. There is no exception to this rule.

The following is a list of instructions for Immobilized and Towed vehicles which, if followed, will make the release of your vehicle easier.

  • To have your vehicle released from the Boot: You MUST appear at the Parking Bureau before 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Any outstanding parking tickets under the registered owner’s name MUST be paid to have the vehicle released. Upon arrival, you are required to provide proof of identification: a valid driver’s license and the vehicle’s registration.
  • To claim your vehicle after it has been towed for Parking Violations: You MUST first come to the Parking Bureau to pay all outstanding parking violations. You MUST provide proof of ownership and a valid driver’s license. You will then take your paid receipts to the Tow Company/Impound lot to pay those outstanding charges. Once all charges have been paid, your vehicle will be released to you.

Vehicles are only released to the registered owner or title holder of the vehicle.