City Parking Lot Rental Stalls

The city of Marietta has 3 parking lots that offer both paid stalls for rent and Free 2-hour parking. The rental spaces are $25.00 per month and a lease must be signed. These rented spots are marked by Yellow Lines and Yellow Numbers. Should you park in a rental spot that you have not rented you will be cited with a $50 citation.

Free 2-hour limit stalls are those marked with White Lines. These parking stalls are timed spots and the public can park there for 2 hours and then your vehicle must be moved. Parking beyond 2 hours subjects you to a $20.00 overtime citation.

City Lots are located at:

  • 220 Second Street Across from The Pizza Place
  • 228 Front Street at the Armory
  • 241 Front Street next to Putnam Street Bridge

NOTE: All parking lots have a waiting list. Please contact the Parking Bureau at
(740)-373-4433 to inquire about renting a parking stall.

 Yellow Spaces (Rented Spot)
White Spaces (2-hour parking limit)