Walking and Biking Trails

Marietta offers two types of trails for your enjoyment. The River Trail is a paved surface perfect for walking, bicycling with family, or taking Fido for a leisurely stroll. For the more adventurous, the Marietta Trail Network leads through many miles of off-road terrain, ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

The River Trail


The River Trail is currently 3.28 miles. The first phase of the project, which runs from Indian Acres Boat Ramp to the Putnam Street Bridge, was completed in 2005. The second phase extended the trail from the bridge, along Post Street, Ohio Street, and then along the Levee to South Fourth Street. The third phase extends from South Fourth Street to Jefferson Street, behind K-Mart. The Trail now runs from the Indian Acres Boat Ramp along the river - all the way to East 8th and Jefferson Streets, behind K-Mart. Phase 5 of the Trail is currently in the funding stage and will extend to Wal-Mart.

Marietta High School Mountain Bike Trails

Welcome to the Marietta Trail Network! Adventure awaits you, exploring the city's beautiful wooded hills and valleys! Here you will find maps of Marietta's ever-growing trail system. Mountain biking, hiking, trail running and bird watching are all popular activities on the trails. The Marietta Trail Network (MTN) currently consists of 15 miles of off-road hiking and mountain biking trail and 2 miles of paved shared use path. The MTN connects many of the area's parks, schools and neighborhoods utilizing undeveloped public and privately owned land. A visit to the MTN is the perfect natural compliment to your Marietta visit and is the primary destination for some.

Mountain Bikingmountain biking1

The MTN has something for everyone! Most trails in the MTN are of beginner to intermediate difficulty. The River Trail is a mostly level paved path that follows the Muskingum and Ohio rivers. This trail is perfect for a relaxing bike ride or walk with a stroller or wheel chair. Looking for more of an adventure? The MTN's off-road trails provide a variety of options ranging from a quick 30 minute walk or ride, to an all-day excursion sure to please even the biggest outdoor enthusiast!
Marietta's off-road trails are constructed and maintained by the River Valley Mountain Bike Association (RVMBA.COM). The RVMBA also builds and maintains trail in the Marietta Unit of Wayne National Forest, Mountwood Park and North Bend State Park. The RVMBA hosts group rides and local events such as The Wayne Ultra (June 28th) and Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (October 3rd). On the last Monday of the month (April-October) you can join RVMBA members for our Marietta city group ride. This 10+/- mile group ride, open to the public, begins at 5:30pm in the city parking lot on the corner of 2nd & Butler St (behind CVS). For more information on other group rides, events or trails in the area, visit RVMBA.COM.
The MTN is open to bicycle and foot travel only. To avoid damage to off-road trails, please avoid use during wet or "muddy" conditions. On the trail, uphill traffic has the right-of-way, bicycles yield to hikers and always expect and respect other users. Happy Trails!