Pet WastePetWastecopy

With over 1600 licensed dogs in the City of Marietta contributing an average of ½ lb. per day of waste, the need to control disposal is important to the health of residents.  Leaving it on the ground increases public health risks by allowing bacteria and nutrients to affect humans or to wash through the storm drain system to local streams. Composting will not generate enough heat to kill the pathogens. Septic tanks or the City municipal waste system were not designed to treat this waste.

  • Don’t discard pet waste on the ground, in a compost, or in a storm drain.
  • Bag & place it into a trash container.
  • Report violations - For private property call Health Dept. 740-373-0611, For public property call the Police Dept.  740-376-2007
  • See Pet Waste Guidelines
  • Scoop It, Bag It, Trash It