For a sewer problem emergency call : 740-373-3858 extension 1

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 24/7 facility. Plant operators may not always be able to immediately answer the telephone however the answering machine is routinely monitored. If an emergency call to 740-373-3858 is not returned in a timely manner please call the Marietta City Police Dispatcher at 740-373-4141 with general information. They can then pass this on to the Wastewater Treatment Plant staff who may return the call.

General information required to respond consists of a minimum of your name, the address, your telephone contact number and a brief description of the problem.


According to the City’s Codified Ordinances, the City is responsible for maintaining the main sanitary sewer collection system by performing repairs and eliminating blockages in the sanitary sewer collections system owned and operated by the City. The property owner owns the lateral line from their house or building to the sanitary sewer main line and is responsible for maintaining their own lateral service lines from their house to the city’s main sanitary sewer collections system. The property owner therefore is responsible for unplugging their own service lateral even if it is plugged underneath the City’s streets, alleys or rights of way. Various licensed plumbers are available in the area to assist a property owner with unplugging an obstructed service lateral and diagnosis of other possible problems and the City does not compete with them for these services. If it is determined that a house or building service lateral line is broken underneath a City street or alley, the City will make that repair underneath the street or alley at no expense to the property owner. If a crew is dispatched and the and the lateral service line is not broken, then the City will invoice the property owner for the time, materials and equipment used as set forth in the City’s Codified Ordinances.


The City routinely uses remote sewer cameral investigation equipment to ascertain the condition of the sanitary sewer main lines and occasionally lateral lines upon notification of undiagnosed problems. Appointments must be made for this service in advance. Some charges may be applicable as defined in the City’s Codified Ordinances. This service is often helpful and has saved the City and property owners considerable expenses over time. To request this service contact Ryan Boley, Wastewater Operations Manager at 740-373-3858 extension #110.


Sewer Problems
740-373-3858 extension #1

Wastewater Collections and Maintenance
Ryan Boley, Wastewater Operations Manage
740-373-3858 extension 110 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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