Water Analysis

Our water plant operators and bacteriologist test many samples of water daily, weekly and monthly to monitor the water softening process and final water distributed to you. This certified laboratory testing is done for pH, alkalinity, calcium, total hardness, fluoride, chlorine and stability. Other approved drinking water laboratories perform other tests, generally when we need results in parts per billion (ug/l), depending on what our testing schedule requirements are as required to meet all Ohio EPA drinking water regulations. Total coliform tests are performed to ensure that the water has no disease causing bacterial contamination.

The data provided below is expressed in parts per million (ppm). Example: 1 ppm = 1 pound (lb.) of a known substance to 1 million lbs. of Water (H2O).

Drinking Water Quality Data

Calcium 19 ppm
Chlorine 1.1 ppm
Fluoride .99 ppm
Magnesium 13 ppm
Phenol Alkalinity 3 ppm
pH 8.8 ppm
Total Alkalinity 52 ppm
Total Hardness 130 ppm