Dinosaur Murals at Marietta College

Dinosaur Murals at Marietta CollegeFifth and Butler StreetsExterior Walls of the Geology Annex Building
This mural, created by a Marietta College art student, depicts a scene from 65 million years ago near the end of the Cretaceous Period. Two carnivorous dinosaurs, Deinonychus and Tyrannosaurus, survey three herbivores; Jobaria, Maiasaura, and Triceratops. The top of the mural illustrates the six mile wide asteroid that slammed into the earth at 40,000 miles per hour in what is now a part of the Yucatan Peninsula and Gulf of Mexico. The asteroid’s impact released huge amounts of debris and poisonous gases into the atmosphere, which changed the climate and destroyed much of life on earth.

Dinosaur Murals