Weathered and Damaged Monuments

MonumentWeathered and Damaged Monuments
A number of monuments, plaques and other permanent memorials throughout Marietta have experienced significant weathering or damage over the years. This includes erosion, vandalism, algae or lichen growth and even the unintended consequences of "preservation" or cleaning efforts. The Monument Committee is cataloguing these monuments and their present conditions, while consulting with various experts on the proper care and restoration of these city treasures. For example, the Celeron Monument (left) has a significant algae & lichen problem on the front and sides. A previous incomplete cleaning of the large bronze plaque has left the patina looking uneven, particularly with puddles below the lettering. The small plaque honoring the Marietta College Ambulance Corps in World War I at the bottom of the monument has bolts missing that secure it to the sandstone. A recent scheduled cleaning was postponed due to the weather, but we hope to work on this monument again later this year.