Development Advisory Board

Meets the 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month
304 Putnam St., 3rd Floor @ 5:30 p.m.

Members: Address:
Thomas LaSalvia (2nd Ward)

609 Seventh StreetMarietta, OH 45750
Hallie Taylor (3rd Ward)

717 Eighth StreetMarietta, OH 45750
Nancyann Cervantes

212 Dale StreetMarietta, OH 45750
Allan Norris (1st Ward)

111 County Meadow DriveMarietta, OH 45750
Nick Arnold (At-Large)

100 Dayton RoadMarietta, OH 45750
Cristie Thomas

P.O. Box 5013Marietta, OH 45750
William McElfresh, Chairman (4th Ward)

623 Fifth StreetMarietta, OH 45750
Josh Schlicher, Mayor

301 Putnam StreetMarietta, OH 45750
Steven A. Wetz, Safety Service Director

301 Putnam StreetMarietta, OH 45750

(Ord. 30 (74-75). Passed 6-20-74.)


  1. In order to aid in public understanding and cooperation in all plans prepared, and to assure the proper role of the citizens in plans prepared for the City, there is hereby established and created the Development Advisory Committee of the City. The Committee shall meet monthly or at the call of the Development Administrator and shall advise him on any policies, plans or programs being prepared.
  2. The Development Advisory Committee shall consist of seven members, appointed by the Mayor with the approval of Council. One member shall be appointed from each of the four wards of the City, and the other three members shall be appointed at large. Members at large need not be electors of the City, provided, however, that any member not an elector shall be especially qualified for the post by virtue of long knowledge of the historical, social, business and general development condition of the City, or shall, moreover, be personally employed or conduct some business within the geographical confines of the City, or shall be a municipal taxpayer.
  3. Members of the Development Advisory Committee shall serve terms of five years, which terms shall be deemed to commence on January 1 of the calendar year of appointed and expire on December 31 of the fifth year hence. The initial appointments to the Development Advisory Committee shall be as follows: one member at large for a term of one year; one member at large for a term of two years; one member at large for a term of three year; two ward members for a term of four years; and two ward members for a term of five years.