Disabilities Advisory Commission

  1. The mission of the Commission shall be to promote the inclusion and empowerment of people with disabilities within the Marietta community, and to advise the Mayor, the City Administration, and City Council on issues that impact people with disabilities. In particular, the Commission will play a key advisory role in the development of the City's annual Access Marietta strategy for removing impediments and increasing accessibility for those with disabilities, striving to create a barrier-free environment. The Commission will recommend other actions that will enable citizens to participate in all aspects of community life in accordance with their abilities. The Commission will serve as a liaison between people with disabilities and Marietta City Council. Key areas of advocacy include enhancing employment and educational opportunities, improving transportation, ensuring architectural accessibility, and raising awareness of the contributions people with disabilities make in the community.
  2. In furtherance of its mission the Commission shall:
  1. Provide a forum for community issues/ activities affecting citizens with disabilities.
  2. React through study and recommendation to issues brought to the attention of the Commission by the Mayor, City Council, and the community.
  3. Foster public awareness and education of the needs and abilities of citizens with disabilities.
  4. Work with the Development Department on the development and implementation of fair housing and equal opportunity outreach programs.
  1. The Commission will utilize the life experience of people with disabilities in planning for the entire community to improve the quality of life for all. The Commission's goal is to complement, not duplicate existing services.
  2. The Commission will provide a means and place for people with disabilities to act on their own behalf and have a voice in local government so they may effectively impact the legislative process.
  3. The Commission will advocate for equal rights and fair policies.
  4. The Commission will assist both the public and private sectors in removing attitudinal, procedural, environmental, and architectural barriers in order to increase opportunities for all persons.
  5. The Commission will facilitate communication, understanding, and collaborative ventures between disability groups.
  6. The Commission will be an active participant in long range City planning.
Click Here to download a form regarding housing, transportation, employment and accessibility related issues
Departmet Name / Address First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Disabilities Advisory Commission / 301 Oaks Street Marietta, OH 45750 Pamela Morrow
Disabilities Advisory Commission / P.O. Box 524 Beverly, OH 45715 Trent Fogle
Disabilities Advisory Commission / 817 Phillips Street Marietta, OH 45750 David Long
Disabilities Advisory Commission / 836 Pike Street Apt. 10 Marietta, OH 45750 Alicia Hunt
Disabilities Advisory Commission / 1096 Colegate Drive Marietta, OH 45750 Linda Sue Pifer
Disabilities Advisory Commission Bill Farnsworth City Council billfarnsworth@mariettaoh.net (740) 350-9482
Disabilities Advisory Commission / 301 Putnam Street Marietta, OH 45750 Stacy Rankin Secretary
Disabilities Advisory Commission / 325 Franklin Street Marietta, OH 45750 Charlotte Torpy