Victim's Rights

What Are My Rights As A Victim Of Crime?Notification

  • Of arrest, defendant’s name, charge, case number
  • Of date, time and place of all hearings and results
Victim Impact Statements

Victims may make a statement to the Judge about physical and emotional harm, property losses, and sentence recommendations.

Be Present

Victims may attend any hearing at which the defendant is present.


The victim may request that any information as to his/her identification be withheld in court if he/she fears more violence from the defendant.

Employee Protections

Employers cannot punish the victim for missing work due to being subpoenaed into court.

Support Person

A support person may accompany the victim to any court hearings.

  • Temporary Protection Orders may be requested at the arraignment and will remain in effect until the end of the case
  • A “No Contact” order with the victim may be made a condition of bond and/or probation
  • A 5-year Civil Protection Order may be requested through Washington County Victim Assistance
  • Victims should contact law enforcement if threatened in any way
  • Call VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) at 1.800.770.0192 to find out when an alleged abuser will be released from jail
  • Shelter, hotline support, counseling, and use of the Child Exchange Center can be obtained by contacting EVE, Inc.
Getting Money Back

The Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program may help pay medical bills, lost wages, counseling, deductibles, prescriptions, etc. Call 1-877-584-2846 or visit the website.
The defendant may be ordered by the court to pay restitution.