Reporting Dumping Spills

You can also help by keeping the streams and rivers clean and reporting any potential hazards spills or pollution sources. Accidental or unauthorized releases of contaminants to the air, land or water such as spills, releases, intentional dumping or emissions can be reported to the Ohio EPA 24-hour EMERGENCY RESPONSE hotline at 800-282-9378.


Reporting Water Line Breaks

The Water Plant (374-6864) and Distribution Maintenance Facility (374-5531) may be contacted by phone during normal business hours and a phone message can be left if no one answers. If no one calls back within 15 minutes, please call again or call numbers listed below.

During normal business hours of 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, you may call in water break or leak locations to the Water Administration Office (373-3515), which will forward your caller information to our Distribution Maintenance Personnel.

After hours, holidays and weekends water breaks should be reported to our Water Treatment Plant where a plant operator can take the information and contact personnel as needed.

Please note that all phone numbers are in the 740 area code.