Natural Gas Governmental Aggregation Program FAQ

What is Governmental Aggregation and how can I benefit?
Under governmental aggregation, local officials bring the community together for improved group purchasing power. The community benefits by receiving competitively-priced natural gas from a retail natural gas supplier certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. From November 2021 to October 2024 the rate is $3.04/Mcf. For enrollment, call Constellation NewEnergy at 1-844-516-5254.

What does "opt-out" mean?
"Opt-out" means that you can decide not to participate in the City of Marietta natural gas governmental aggregation program. You can opt-out by returning the opt-out form included in your mailer, or through the call center using the phone number provided. If you opt-out, you will not be enrolled as a natural gas customer with Constellation. You will also not receive the City of Marietta competitive natural gas price.

What happens if I do not send in the opt-out form?
If you do not return the opt-out form by the deadline, you will be included in the City of Marietta governmental aggregation program and receive competitively priced natural gas from Constellation.

I am currently under the budget billing option as provided by DEO. Can I retain this service?
There will be no changes in your bill as they relate to budget billing and the methodology utilized by DEO to calculate the same.

What information do I need to opt-out?
Customers will need the 4-6 digit opt-out code provided in the original opt-out letter. If this is not available, the customer care team can pull up your information based on the service address.

Are there fees associated with the program?
Enrollment in the program is free and you need not take any action. You only need to be eligible to participate. Once enrolled in the program, you can cancel your agreement at any time and switch back to DEO without any fee.

Will I be allowed to join the program after the initial enrollment period?
The City of Marietta has secured the same natural gas supply rate, terms and conditions for eligible customers who wish to join its governmental aggregation programs after the initial enrollment period. This would include customers who move into the City of Marietta, who were with another supplier and would like to join the aggregation program or customers who initially opted-out and want to join at a later date. These customers will have an individual agreement with Constellation for natural gas supply but will retain the same natural gas supply rate, terms and conditions of the aggregation programs.

What is the rescission period?
The rescission period with DEO is seven days for both residential and commercial customers after enrollment with the new natural gas supplier

When will my Constellation natural gas supply begin and how do I know when my meter read occurs?
Supply will start on your first applicable meter read date, which we estimate to be in October. Refer to your bill to get the exact meter read date.

What if I am with another supplier and want to join the City of Marietta's program?
Based on the records provided by the utility, we assumed you are not with another supplier; otherwise we would riot have sent you this notice. However, if you recently signed up with a new supplier or if you believe you are on an older contract, carefully review the terms and conditions of that agreement before proceeding as your ability to terminate early with that supplier may be restricted.

How can Constellation offer a lower price than DEO's current price?
During select market opportunities, Constellation buys natural gas at a lower price than DEO, and then passes on those savings to its customers.

How did the City of Marietta develop this program?
The City of Marietta established a program in accordance with Section 4929.26 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), providing the citywith the rightto arrange for the provision of Supplier Service to its residential inhabitants and small commercial inhabitants that do not opt-out of the program (the 'Aggregation Program").

Where can I learn more about natural gas deregulation and assistance programs?
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has approved a number of additional assistance programs to help customers with their energy bills. Eligibility and enrollment information about the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Winter Crisis Program (WCP) and others can be found on the PUCOs website

What questions should be directed to my Utility?
Please contact DEO at 1.800.362.7557 for questions on the following topics:
Problems with your natural gas service
Questions about your bill
Tax exemptions

What happens at the end of my Constellation natural gas contract term?
The City of Marietta will rebid the term and price on behalf of residents. You will be notified of the outcome by the city and/or supplier for the new term.

Who is Constellation?
Constellation's affiliates are leading suppliers of energy products and services to electric and natural gas customers in 47 states as well as Washington, D.C. We've been helping customers navigate competitive energy markets for as long as customers have had a choice of their energy supplier and have provided affordable, reliable energy to businesses nationwide for years.

Constellation's parent company, Exelon, is a FORTUNE 200 company with approximately $33 billion in annual revenues.

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