Marietta City Performance Audit

To the Marietta Community:

The Auditor of State’s Office recently completed a performance audit of the City of Marietta
at the request of the City Council. This review was conducted by the Ohio Performance Team
and provides an independent assessment of the City's operations.

This performance audit report contains recommendations, supported by detailed analysis, to
enhance the overall economy, efficiency, and/or effectiveness of the City's operations. This
report has been provided to the City Council and its contents have been discussed with the
officials and administrators. The City Council has been encouraged to use the
recommendations and information contained in the report to make informed decisions
regarding future operations.

It is my hope that the City Council will use the results of the performance audit as a resource
for improving operational efficiency as well as service delivery effectiveness. The analyses
contained within are intended to provide management with information, and in some cases, a
range of options to consider while making decisions about their operations.

This performance audit report can be accessed online through the Auditor of State’s website at and choosing the “Search” option.


Keith Faber
Auditor of State
Columbus, OH

February 6, 2024

Click Here for the PDF File