2024 Strategic Financial Plan


Executive Summary

In 2023, the Marietta City Council requested that the State of Ohio complete a performance audit on all city operations. The audit was completed in February 2024 and was intended to assist city leaders with making informed decisions regarding future operations. A performance audit is intended to focus on efficiency and effectiveness of government programs and is not meant to be a comprehensive financial audit. While the recommendations of the performance audit have not been dismissed by the city’s administration, we do recognize that aspects of how certain city departments operate were not considered or analyzed. Financial projections have been forecasted without analyzing all of the necessary information. These projections have caused alarm and city council has requested a sustainable financial plan from my administration showing that the city will be solvent without an immediate need for a reduction of employees. The following pages will detail my administration’s mission and goals, and the historical and current financial status of the city, a targeted plan for a reduction in expenditures, and a future blueprint for financial sustainability all while maintaining a high quality of services to the citizens of Marietta


To create a thriving community where residents can receive equitable services, have a sense of belonging, and enjoy a small town atmosphere with big city opportunities. 

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