Civil Service Physical Agility Entrance Exam for the Marietta Fire Department

This course is designed to test applicants on their ability to perform basic fire ground duties. The test 
stations are events that do not require prior training in order to complete. All applicants will be shown a 
video describing in detail each event and shown how each can be successfully completed(video example 
of the event being performed). There will be 8 events that must be successfully completed in order to 
pass this exam. Applicants will be required to wear an airpack (no mask) during the course of the first 7 
events. Partial or complete removal of the airpack during the course of events, unless instructed by a 
test proctor, will be considered failing criteria for this exam. The events are as follows:

Events 1, 2, and 3 will have to be completed in a timed order. A passing time for the cumulative time of 
all 3 events will be 1 minute, 30 seconds or less. 1:31 or above will be considered failing on this set of 
events. There will be a 1 minute rest break allowed between events 1 and 2, as well as between events 
2 and 3. This is optional for the candidate, but after 1 minute expires, the timer for the next event will 
be started. The candidate may choose to start before the 1 minute expires, and will be started by the 
criteria listed below:

1.Weighted Rope Pull- Applicant will start by being raised in Aerial Tower to a predetermined distance 
from ground(approximately 40 feet). Attached to a section of rope will be a roll of 2 ½” hose lying flat 
on the ground. Once in position, time will start when the applicant touches the rope to start the hoist, 
and time will stop when the hose roll reaches the top ledge of the tower bucket. Rest break starts when 
candidate has been returned to ground level.

2. Charged Hose Drag- Applicant must successfully advance a charged 1 ¾” hose line from start line 
until nozzle crosses finish line(approximately 100 feet). The hose will be marked with the area of the 
hose that the candidate is allowed to touch while performing this task, and the hose cannot be pulled by 
the bail of the nozzle. The hose will being lying on the ground at the start line. Time will start when the 
candidate touches the hose, and time will stop when the nozzle has crossed the finish line completely. 
Rest break starts after nozzle has completely crossed finish line.

3. Dummy drag and lift- Applicant must successfully drag the dummy(approximately 125lbs.) by using a 
rescue strap preattached to the dummy from start line to transition line (approximately 35 feet). Once 
the head of the dummy has reached the transition line, the applicant must then transition, and lift the 
dummy’s head, torso, and hips off of the ground and continue the drag until the dummy has completely 
crossed the finish line(approximately 45 feet from transition line). Time will start when applicant 
touches drag strap, and time will stop when the dummy has completely crossed the finish line.
Example of times for these 3 events:

Event 1: 18.6 seconds
+Event 2: 34.0 seconds
+Event 3: 29.5 seconds
=Cumulative: 1:22:1 (less than or equal to 1:30 so passing overall time)
Events 4,5,6, and 7 will be based on criteria listed below, not on times.

4. Ladder climb- Applicant must successfully climb a 35 ft. extension ladder and touch a designated rung 
on the ladder, then return to ground level. Applicant must step on each rung of ladder with at least one 
foot, while climbing up AND while climbing back down.

5. Confined space crawl- Applicant must successfully crawl through an approximate 20 foot length 
tunnel measuring approximately 24 inches in diameter while pushing an airpack in front of them. 
Applicants will be assisted with removal and replacement of airpack during this event.

6. Saw and hose roll carry- Applicant must successfully carry a saw up 2 flights of steps, set down the 
saw, and pick up a section of 2 ½” rolled hose and carry it down to the first floor, and out of the building 
to a marked location.

7. PPV fan carry- Applicant must successfully lift and carry a PPV fan approximately 75 feet across a 
marked finish line. Test proctors will take the fan from the applicant once they have successfully 
completed the event. There will be a starting zone where the applicant can pick up the fan, and readjust 
grip as needed, however once the applicant leaves that marked zone, the fan may NOT touch the 
ground during any point until the event is completed. After this event, the applicant will be assisted in 
the removal of their airpack.

8. 1.5 mile run- Applicant must complete 1.5 miles in 13 minutes or less.

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