Water Treatment

Water Treatment PlantMarietta Water Treatment PlantThe professional and qualified staffs of the City of Marietta Water Treatment, Distribution, and Backflow Departments have dedicated ourselves to producing drinking water that meets or exceeds State and Federal drinking water standards.

Our Water Plant Operators must pass and maintain a valid State License in water treatment. The Water Plant Staff operates, monitors and regulates the wells and treatment plants. Our plant is in operation 24-hrs, 7 days a week and can be reached by calling 740.374.6864
Distribution personnel also possess a State Distribution License. They are responsible for repairing and maintaining the water lines.
An extensive sampling and analytical testing program is utilized. Over 600 water samples are tested to ensure that the quality of the drinking water meets or exceeds State and Federal standards.
Monthly reports are required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Report data is based on numerous daily tests.
Our Backflow Department follows the standards set forth in the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3745-95, administered by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and defined in City of Marietta Codified Ordinance no. 927.08 (1990).

New Construction for a 4.5 MGD Reverse Osmosis PlantIn July of 2023 the City of Marietta began construction of a new 4.5 MGD Reverse Osmosis Plant. This plant will replace (2) aging water treatment plants that have served their useful life expectancy. The new Reverse Osmosis Plant can be expanded up to 6 MGD in the future for any potential growth of the city’s customer base. The new WTP plant will use reverse osmosis for softening, removal of any emerging contaminants and manganese. The new plant will have pressure filtration and provide for pH adjustment, corrosion control, fluoridation, and disinfection. Supporting facilities will include a new administration building, electrical service, existing backup generator relocation, cascade aerator, and a concentrate sewer line. Construction is expected to be completed in a 24-month time frame and will be put into service around July 2025.

Water Treatment Plant Rendering